Fall brings on old memories, which in your 70s you appreciate. A memory that I have goes back to my childhood. I was the one to go find “heart pine,” which is hard to find now. This heart pine would burn if you held a match to it. OK, so I had to keep the supply sufficient to always start a fire.

Starting fires? Well, that was my job — to get up before the bus and build the fire. It was cold. Water in a glass would freeze on the nightstand at night. Hot brick in towel and under cover to keep feet warm. Anyway, I would get up and get the fire going for the family before I left for school.

Where is this going? Well, now that I am 70-something, I simply have a strong pull to stock up on firewood. Also, I have built a “he/she shed” by a stream. I have an old, small, black potbelly stove in there. The shed is about 9 x 8. Just enough room for my wife, Betty, and me and the stove. Dixie takes up no room. Love to build a fire and sit with Betty late in the evening and after dark.

So what? Well, the point is while a teenager I did not like doing my chores in the bitter cold. Hard work and not enjoyable. Now as an adult I cannot explain what those simple tasks provide in happiness for me.

The point is made to young families: give your children tasks to complete in the yard, for they will become cherished memories and something they will one day love to do. It will no longer be a task.

Does it really matter to us 70-plus? Not really, but to our children it is future happiness for them.

Terry Williamson


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