In reading the Jan. 6 column “Where exactly is home plate?” by John A. Page, he has done his homework and the fix is in. As I have been saying for years, the state will force the consolidation of the schools in Floyd County. Floyd schools must pay attention.

As a very concerned former member of the Board of Education, I allowed a superintendent to destroy my ability to help move this county where we need to be academically. So much for spilt milk.

I am afraid we have fallen prey to the “sleight of hands” by the board and certainly the state. Armuchee High School was scheduled and voters voted for a new high school. Now the board says we get a remodel of the old concrete blocks, same old flat roof and old infrastructure at some points.

A new gym and new football facility will not save us without a strong pushback for the Armuchee community. As consolidation progresses, the high school location is the grand prize.

Very nice new gyms and new football facilities can be used countywide by many teams. The problem is that there will be less than four high school locations.

Floyd County Board of Education should not be focused on football or basketball. It is fine if they wish to relive their lives in sports through their children; but for our future we need the best academics for our children and grandchildren. Did they major in sports or strong, demanding academics. The world is fully open to utilization of the mind. We cannot fail our children.

Consolidation is coming — pick the community and location.

Does it matter? Yes, for all our schools it does; because some communities are stronger than others. Strong sports community and foundation gets no future for our replacements. It is the community that puts academics over sports that will, in the decades to come, give our grandchildren’s children the most prosperous life.

Sports and academics can coexist, but dollar allocation and consolidation is an issue. It is a balance.

Terry Williamson


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