Well, I will probably put my foot into the mouth and get the 100 Black Men society upset with me, but so be it. I know some of the old gray headed guys and they are like me as an old gray headed guy.

Our national political discussions are all about how racist we are. This is pointed to the South, not to the large northern cities. Blacks continue for 55 years under Democratic control in the cities of Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and continue to be subjected to poor administration. Billions have been spent on these three cities and it only gets worse. It is not the guns. Mismanagement, family hiring, sweet contracts, kickbacks, all and others are rampant and greatly contribute to the problem. Most people see this. Democrats do not wish to address.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have become rich in creating racial tension. Millions of dollars only for words. They have always basically blamed Black people’s issues on the South. Simply not the facts. Look to the North as well. I have always held doors open for black and white ladies. That is a southern thing. Both younger blacks and whites hold the door open for me.

I have visited these northern cities. The citizens have no future. In New York City, I once visited a Black owned private school. I asked if they would take me on a tour of Harlem so I could see for myself. They did not feel comfortable doing this. Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore have thousands of vacant properties and have lost thousands of residents. How can a city rebuild even with sound concerned leadership? Look at history of ancient cities.

If one will only take the time to look at the history and current condition of (Native American) reservations, one will see the correlation between the reservations and Black “project housing.” Federal government has created for both a dependence of government. One only has to go outside the boundary to see (Native Americans) very prosperous in ownership of land. One encourages hard work and one discourages hard work. We must continue to help the disadvantaged, but that does not mean to continue to give annually to the creation of generations of dependence.

Yes, to me it does matter.

Terry Williamson


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