Well, to not dwell on problems, let’s discuss nice deeds to dogs. I have been an owner of two little lap dogs. One was a long haired Chihuahua and now a little Pomeranian, both under 10 pounds.

For years the Bojangles in Armuchee would give little Foxy a bite of bacon as we stopped for breakfast. Boy was she happy. She always looked for it and they always responded to her look at them.

Today we stopped by McDonalds for breakfast. The lady at the cashier’s window responded to the pom’s little face and asked could she give her a treat. We said yes and she handed a little handful of dog treats. The pom loved it. I related to the lady about Bojangles. She said management would not allow bacon.

Well, I thought about it and went inside, with mask, and asked to speak to the manager. He was a very nice young guy. He said she was doing this on her own. He thanked me and said he was going to tell her about what I related to him right now. On leaving I asked him to support her with this. He said yes.

Do I say this for my dog, a little yapper? No, this issue is potentially much larger.

I wish a lot more businesses would, when possible, allow drive throughs to give a little treat to dogs. Little dogs are easy, larger back seaters are a problem. It will certainly build a strong loyalty. The main thing, however, is I believe it will reinforce kind deeds. Simply showing caring. Once little kids would receive a small treat. No more. Stores will be sued for harm to a child. Choking, allergies, or whatever. Society in large with the stopping has suffered. Let’s reconsider at least for dogs.

Let’s all try to support more caring and nice deeds for our children to see.

Does it really matter? I do not know. If we all do not try, it will not matter. If we all try, it just might.

Terry Williamson


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