Last year was really rough on all of us seniors. COVID-19, holding us in place in our homes. Not sure about attending church, meeting with family for Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays. The political mass that is dividing us, first by the riots in the northwest and northeast and now by rednecks in D.C., is placing us in a state of brain dead.

Really, as spring progresses and vaccines are given more quickly, to another way of living we must get going. While it has become not socially acceptable to discuss issues that separate liberals and conservatives, we must discuss. Around the clock news, Facebook and all the other social media activities has driven us all to our corners. We must get away from these mind training, fattening, non-social activities.

I would love to see some group start training Texas two-step and slow dancing again. Dance halls are not as poisonous to mind and body as people on the gadgets telling us what to do. We need human interaction. We need to discuss issues that are on the national level. I do not mean arguing, but honest interplay on facts that can best be determined. At one time this was what happened at supper tables.

So, in spring, let’s all try to cut off the crazy while sitting on the couch and get out and meet people. Do not be afraid to embrace people with issues. Clear the air. Get to the gym, get to the walk paths, get to senior citizens groups and live.

Does it really matter? Yes, it does — for our minds to grow, our body to get rid of fat and for our country. We must train by example our children.

Terry Williamson


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