My letter is twofold:

1) Read with interest the RN-T article of 9/2 concerning the school speeding cameras. I’m all for the cameras being installed to deter speeding through the school zone as were the cameras installed at Turner McCall and Hicks Drive to deter red light runners.

My concern is, will these cameras at the school remain in effect so long as they generate revenue or be removed when motorist became aware of them and they stop generating revenue as were the Turner McCall cameras?

And the revenues generated — 35% goes to RedSpeed USA (the installation company) and 65% to the Rome Police Department. Tickets will not be issued until a Rome PD officer reviews and approves the violation. If the Rome PD receives 65% of revenues isn’t this sort of like the fox guarding the hen house? Granted, if the camera captured a vehicle speeding, that should be proof positive. However, should not an independent entity be the verifier?

Secondly: Months ago an article ran about the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office purchasing “game” cameras to be strategically placed throughout the county to capture images of litterbugs and making them clean the litter up (not fined or punished). Since then, nothing has been reported from the sheriff if this has occurred. The citizens would be interested in knowing.

H. James Clay


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