As a parent of several band kids since 2010, I am writing in regards to the decision about FCS Bands unable to attend Peach State this year.

I understood the reasoning is no field trips are allowed, the rule set at the beginning of the school year. But yet our football teams are traveling to other schools along with the cheerleaders and the band, whom are both required to attend if the host school allows.

How are football games any different than an annual marching competition?

Football players, coaches, teachers, all grouped up on the sidelines and no masks. Cheerleaders on the track and no masks. Masks required to get into any FCS football game but yet no enforcement among the spectators once you’re in the stadium.

But yet the band organization complies with the rules, wearing their masks in between stand tunes.

The band’s routine and agenda would be no different than when attending an away football game. I find this decision incredibly absurd and ask that it be reconsidered.

Michael L. Scott


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