I read with interest, amusement and disgust the article in Rome News-Tribune published Oct. 27 titled “City to fix error that sidelined ordinance” on page A3. In that article a neighbor appears to be a public-minded citizen trying to help a neighborhood besieged by heavy commercial trucks parked all over our streets. In fact, his motivation is one single truck parked in another neighbor’s driveway. I have lived in my house for 26 years. My neighborhood is a wonderful neighborhood. The most exciting thing that happens here is when someone’s cat is missing.

We are a mixture of age, color and nationalities. My neighbors are great neighbors except for this one gentleman. Over the years he has lived here, I have watched him feud with most all of my neighbors, anyone who happens to differ with his ideas. (Somehow I have escaped his ire until now.) I know one family who left this neighborhood due to him.

This particular episode started three years ago when a hardworking young man and his wife moved next door to me. He came from the coal mines of Kentucky trying to make a better life for himself and his young bride. He had landed a job in this area that involved maintaining construction vehicles all over north Georgia for an Atlanta-based company. It required him to have a truck at his home in order to be on call to leave and service machinery. From the minute that neighbor saw his truck, he launched his campaign. Over these three years, the neighbor has called Rome City police, code enforcement, the young man’s employers, the planning commission, and any other agency he could think of in his endless harassment. My neighbor has endured the constant barrage not knowing what he was going to do other than move back to Kentucky. Not once to my knowledge did he talk face-to-face with my neighbor about the issue.

I am not speaking here whether or not the ordinance needs changing. I leave that issue for you to decide.

Vonny H. Blanton


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