There have been a lot of baseball players throughout the years, but let me make this perfectly clear: This player was a true legend of the game. When it came to baseball for himself he made a name.

Born in the state of Alabama. Later he became known as The Hammer. Henry Louis Aaron (Hank) was his name. In the sport he loved, he gained much fortune and fame.

Many baseball records he did obtain. He was one of the best to play the game. He broke Babe Ruth’s record April 8, 1974. Over the wall that ball did soar.

On and off the field he was humble and kind. When it came to the press he never declined. He never did brag or boast. When it came to baseball he always gave his utmost.

He was also a fighter for civil rights. When it came to others, he took up their plight. The word “legend” is often misused. In life Hank earned it, he paid his dues.

755 home runs, the true home run king. Fans loved to watch him swing. You played the childhood game you always loved, playing ball with a bat, uniform and glove.

And now you have transitioned, it’s time to take your rest. To many fans you were the best. To his kingdom, God will welcome you in. A new chapter in your life is about to begin.

Wallace A. Farmer


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