With all the chaos and distrust in the media, we were happy to have a visit from a Democratic Party official at The Spires at Berry College.

This “young man,” Brian McCarty, (he was in fact 66, I’m told) came to Georgia from his home in Illinois to discuss why our votes in the Senate runoff elections were so important for Georgia seniors. Mr. McCarty has lived in various places around the world and has had a varied and interesting career in film, business ownership, and college-level education. He was clearly NOT a party regular. He discussed issues that we wanted to bring forward and offered his viewpoints without attacking or dividing the residents here.

The results of his visit saw a large number of residents take obvious health risks by going for early voting — even many who didn’t vote in the Nov. 3 election. Motivating our fellow citizens can never be taken for granted. Thanks for sending such an impactful person to our little community in Rome!

Carol Cooper


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