Editor’s note: This letter was submitted via Harry Brock as a tribute to Bob Moore, a pillar of Rome’s cycling and trails community who died Thursday.


In 1986 I answered an advert in a magazine that Bob placed, and six months later my friends and I were in Nashville racing BMX — and a year later Bob brought me to Florida to race in the world championships.

My first transatlantic flight, seeing the New York skyline on the way to Georgia, my first barbecue, being interviewed for TV and racing my childhood heroes. It was quite simply an amazing experience. I owe it all to you — Bob and Peggy, Leigh, Rob and Amy — who welcomed me with open arms. In the intervening years I have been back to the USA many times to visit your amazing country and I have always been extremely grateful for the chance you gave me.

Bob, all I can say is that you were quite simply the most unique and unusual person I have ever met and I will never ever forget you and the kindness you showed me. You will live on in my heart and in my many, many memories of you — one of which was you always telling me to “speak American to me, boy!”

After 35 years of being blessed with you in my life, from across the water I extend the hand of friendship and say goodbye old friend and godspeed, till we meet again.

Declan McCarthy


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