When I heard of the passing of this great man I was very shocked! Oh, no, not Mr. Joe Wright. This was supposed to be the man who lives forever.

I would like to say I salute Mr. Wright. First, for being a veteran, by serving our country first and protecting us all. Then he went into the business of caring and helping people. By doing this over the years, he connected and became a good friend to my family.

Speaking from the Kingston community, Mr. Wright served so, so, many people over the years. He owned Kingston, to me, from when he first started with Wilder Funeral Home to now (with Wright Memorial Mortuary). His smile, his personality, was always there. He came to my aid just two years ago during this time of year (Nov. 28) with my daughter.

To the family, I truly am praying for you. I ask myself, will there be another Mr. Joe Wright ever? If he had from a headache to a heartache, you never knew — because of that so-sweet smile and being so polite. Yes, the Kingston community will truly miss him. This is a personal thank you.

Nellie Margaret Harris Applin


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