This is a call to my fellow citizens, as well as a rebuke of U.S. Rep. Marjorie Greene’s deplorable indulgence in partisan gestures. A call to stand in opposition to our representative. Whether it be through writing to her, or contacting her through social media, let her know your concerns.

Her actions of late are not only disgraceful, but deeply troubling and would contribute to establishing a remarkably dangerous precedent. The precedent of using impeachment as a political hammer against those whom you disagree with. It’s distasteful, unconstitutional, and antithetical to western values.

I’m speaking of her recent threats to file articles of impeachment on President Joe Biden. On Jan. 13, she took to Twitter to announce that she would be “filing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden for abuse of power.”

In a Newsmax interview she stated that she plans to do so because Democrats wish to tear this country apart with socialism, take away your Second Amendment rights, pass the Green New Deal, establish wide open borders and pass universal healthcare. She also stated the president abused power when he was the vice president, and that there is currently an investigation into his son Hunter’s laptop that will reveal a lot of truth. Perhaps it will. But that’s the thing: it hasn’t yet.

There is not evidence to make a case against President Biden for abusing power. Even if there are concerns warranting investigation, until there is evidence that President Biden committed high crimes, misdemeanors, bribery, or treason, he has no right to be impeached. In America we have due process, and the accused are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

I find it morally reprehensible to claim that something such as a difference in policy is worthy of impeachment. This will only further divide a nation already stained with the sin of blind partisan devotion.

Having qualms with someone because they happen to disagree with you on matters of policy does not make them a criminal, Rep. Greene.

We must defend the rights of those we disagree with. Thats why, Rep. Greene, I’m asking that you revoke this decision to impeach President Biden, and annul yourself from participating in precarious political games.

Micah Veillon


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