Our culture took a giant hit when just a knee touched the ground. For many decades, it had been a practice before sporting events to play the National Anthem, the hymn of our country, to honor and show respect for the USA, its values, and the men and women who died defending “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” People removed their hats and put a hand over their heart when it was played. It is a symbol of every good value our country has.

It is by no means a standard that we are a perfect nation that needs no improvement, but disrespect only detracts from the greatest nation in the world, one that even helps to defend and preserve other countries. One act of disrespect began a landslide that divides this country as never before. It started a chain reaction that has resulted in an effort to cancel the culture of America.

Historical statues that define our history, whether good or bad, tumbled under the hatred of disrespect. Sports teams change their names and food companies relabel their products. Historical films like “Gone with the Wind” are blasphemed, all in an effort to destroy history and redefine America. Will these acts and those who perpetuate them create a better nation with their divisive minds and acts of lawlessness?

The minds and morals of these so-called “reformers” could never build a nation like America. They haven’t been at Valley Forge, or crossing the river in the dead of winter with George Washington. They haven’t stormed the beach at Normandy or tread the dreaded jungles of Viet Nam. They didn’t fly in combat over the hills of Korea, or fight in the desert heat of Iraq. To love a country, to build a nation, one must be willing to sacrifice in respect and not destroy in anger. To cancel a culture is a sure and certain fact that “reformers” could never build a nation. Yes, disrespecting our nation is a sin, one that every destroyer will have to give an answer.

Bill Atkins


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