Watching several of the 9/11 memorials ... I can remember exactly where I was and a moment seeing the plane hit the towers. We also remember the people at the Pentagon and those brave souls that fought the terrorists and took the plane down in Pennsylvania.

I will not speak on current events and views. Today is to remember, and how we as a country — on 9/11 and the days that came right after — we as citizens, we raised the flag, raised our voice, and hugged and supported our neighbors in the hour of need and fear. We need to educate the youth and younger generations with the real and whole truth regarding this day. Not dumb it down or water it down, but the straight complete truth regarding that dark day and how the love, support, and America first mindset must continue.

History and, most important, God is correct; not politically correct. We do not whitewash either.

Steven Watt


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