With the considerable challenges now facing our nation, more than ever we require competent leaders in Congress.

We’ve seen the path where hyper-partisan politics leads and it can damage our nation as we navigate into continued uncertain times.

The 14th Congressional District is a deeply conservative area and deserves a leader who will represent those values with the ability, intelligence and diplomacy to get things done while healing our country’s wounds.

For that reason the Rome News-Tribune is endorsing Dr. John Cowan for our U.S. representative.

John has been deeply involved in our community much longer than he’s been running for office. He’s shown that he not only cares for Northwest Georgia but also that he’s able and willing to fight in a pinch.

He’s shown care, concern and interest in this area well before he began to run for office.

Most of the sheriffs, state legislators and local leaders in our region have endorsed John. Even before the campaign he’s been providing high-cost medical care to our law enforcement officers for free. As a doctor, John has donated his time and ability to the taxpayers of Floyd County by volunteering to serve as a physician for the SWAT team.

On top of that, he’s done a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes community work including donating the use of a facility to house those in need during the recent statewide shelter-in-place order.

His family members live, work and go to school here. If you’re in the stands at a rec league game, you’ll often see John cheering for his children.

Dr. Annie Cowan, his wife, serves on the Opioid Task Force with the Medical Association of Georgia which combats the opioid epidemic in this region.

Locals who know him personally, support him, including the Coosa Valley Fraternal Order of Police and a majority of the sheriffs in Northwest Georgia.

Many former candidates in this congressional race have endorsed John, including state Rep. Kevin Cooke, former state school superintendent John Barge, Ben Bullock, Clayton Fuller and Andy Gunther.

Our support and this endorsement comes with a caveat.

The mud-slinging in this campaign has reached unacceptable levels. We’d like to see our Republican nominee — who will face Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal in the Nov. 3 general election — on a higher road.

These are the more refined politics we’re accustomed to in Northwest Georgia. And it is these politics we expect from our representative in Washington, D.C.

Four years later, the sheriff’s race is nearing the end

That brings us to a critically important race in this runoff — the sheriff’s race.

Both Dave Roberson and Tom Caldwell have the experience and ability to do the job and we’d be more than happy to work with either man. We have dealt with both men during difficult situations and found them more than adequate for the post.

There are upsides and downsides to each candidate and we’ve been split as to who we should lend our support. Many who work at the newspaper either support Dave or Tom, but most concede the other man would do the job well. Both candidates are well qualified for the role as sheriff.

So we’ve decided to endorse both.

It’s a testament to the culture in Floyd County that both men rose to positions of authority by working their way through the ranks. The sheriff’s office generally promotes from within and for the most part has found good candidates among its staff to fill leadership roles.

The best candidates to fill local elected positions are homegrown and that’s the case with the position of sheriff and the representative of the 14th District in Congress.

Thank you for reading.

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