Fall colors

Keith Ozment and Dana Nicholson walk down East Fifth Avenue in 2010 as leaves fall from a nearby tree. 

If your grass is still alive and thriving, please know you’re a member of the 1%. It’s been hot.

This weekend we’ve finally gotten a partial break in deep-fried Southern temperatures and with Monday being the first day of Fall, hopefully there will be enough leaves on the trees to see a good display of color.

There are a lot of beautiful things to see in this world and looking at the forest’s hues from the top of the House O’ Dreams at Berry College is one of them. Autumn’s varied colors blanketing the landscape as you see Lookout Mountain on the far horizon are something to behold.

Get out of your house and go see. You might not like the hike at first but the view is worth the effort. Hopefully, it’ll cool down early enough to see it this year.

Among the other worthy things to do this fall we’ve got some of Floyd County’s best coming up. The Coosa Valley Fair is coming soon in the first week of October, but prior to that we’ve got the Cave Spring Pig Out as well as a first for our area — on Sept. 27-28, we’ll have Schnauzerfest.

Also in Cave Spring is their annual Mushroom Festival on Oct. 12 and Fall Festival on Oct. 19. The Trout Unlimited Chili Cook Off — a favorite for those seeking elected office — is also on Oct. 19. Then the crowning jewel of area fall festivals, we have Chiaha on Oct. 26.

But wait, there’s more.

The Rome International Film Festival is Nov. 6-10, and both the Rome and Cave Spring Christmas Parades will be in December this year. Rome’s is on Dec. 3 and Cave Spring’s is on Dec. 14.

Another thing to remember as temperatures cool off: We — as drivers — need to be aware there will always be more people out and about.

We’ll see more motorcyclists, cyclists, runners and pedestrians. We need to remember to look twice and drive responsibly. As an operator of a vehicle, we’re not likely to be hurt in a collision, but one moment where we aren’t paying attention could cost someone their life. It’s just not worth it.

Thanks for all the hard work

After months of investigation a group of law enforcement agencies, including our Rome-Floyd Metro Task Force and the Polk County Drug Task Force, pulled at least 4 pounds of methamphetamine as well as several stolen firearms off the street.

Oftentimes we’re writing for limited space and don’t get to thank everyone involved in an investigation like this — so we’ll do that now.

Along with task forces from both Rome-Floyd and Polk County, the investigation was aided by the Georgia State Patrol, GBI West Metro Regional Drug Enforcement Offices, Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI Safe Streets Task Force, Georgia Department of Corrections and K9 officers from Floyd County Police Department, Rome Police Department, Polk County and Cedartown Police Department.

For everybody who put in a lot of hours or even just lent a hand in what could easily turn into a very dangerous endeavor — thank you.

As the mugshots of those arrested came in, we could see the wear and tear a life of drug abuse can put on the body. There were several people in their 30s who could easily have been taken for someone in their 50s.

While time in jail isn’t expected to be a pleasure, we hope many of those take the time to reflect and get cleaned up. Everyone should be afforded a second chance in life and we hope those arrested in this sting find their way to a productive life.

Here comes the traffic

While Turner McCall Boulevard has been referred to as Turner McCrawl in the afternoon as traffic makes its way along Rome’s main thoroughfare — we’re in for a rude awakening.

It’s got to be done, but the estimated $9 million project to replace the bridge originally built in 1956 is going to be interesting as a bystander. Construction bids are set to go out in 2022, so we’ve still got some time to appreciate Turner McCrawl over what could easily be termed as Turner McStall once they start shutting down lanes of traffic.

Also, in that same time period it looks like the Department of Transportation will finally be getting rid of the odd “Y” intersection at Second Avenue and Turner McCall Boulevard near Floyd Medical Center.

Hopefully there will be some time between the two needed projects or we may see the perfect storm of traffic as people re-route to Second Avenue to get across town but are held up at getting back onto Turner McCall/Shorter Avenue.

Rome Life is here

The Best Of issue of Rome Life magazine comes out today, and it’s one of our most popular issues. Copies are in delivered newspapers today, but you can also pick up a copy around town or at the Rome News-Tribune offices. You can see the overall winners, runners up as well as third place winners in hundreds of categories.

The issue also includes great features about local life and local people. We’ve got travel, axe-throwing and our ever-popular kids corner and social scene. Grab a copy and see what’s going on in Rome Life.

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