Earlier this week, if you’d have said the president of the United States would stop by Floyd County we would have thought you’d gone crazy.

But here we are — neck deep in politicians, and while it sounds counterintuitive that’s a good, healthy place to be. We’re seeing Floyd County residents voting to choose the kind of leadership they’d like to see in government.

Many, if not most, of us have voted already but if you haven’t there’s still a chance to weigh in on Tuesday.

We’ve already seen sitting senators and candidates visit the area and before Tuesday we’re expecting more and more political leaders in this area. President Donald Trump will be at the airport on Sunday and it’s hard to say who else might show up. Who knows, with VP hopeful Kamala Harris campaigning in Georgia and North Carolina this weekend, nothing would surprise us at this point.

An important reminder we could all take heed of is to respect differences. Maybe you don’t like President Trump or the Republican Party, but the fact that a sitting U.S. president is visiting our area is a historic event — potentially a first. Maybe you don’t like the Democratic Party, but you should still remember we’re all Americans and we’re all working toward making this the best country it can be.

Apart from that, appreciate the economic shot in the arm these visits may lend to our area. All those meals, gas purchased, etc. all help to fill local coffers and that’s something we all benefit from.

But back to the main point.

Through this whole political cycle, we’ve seen some pretty nasty campaigning and, really, it’s time to bring a stop to it.

If you’ve been checking your mail, you’ve seen absurd mailers vilifying several candidates — remember those if you don’t want to promote this kind of campaigning.

The only way this garbage will stop is if we tell — and show — candidates we’re not going to accept it.

We’ve gotten to the point where the vilest types of mudslinging are not only allowed but encouraged.

It’s no myth that social media rewards those who get on there and generate traffic. Unfortunately, like on reality shows, bad behavior gets noticed and is rewarded. Well that’s spilled into our lives now and it’s on the cusp of shutting down real conversation.

We’ve seen terms like “snowflake” bounded about as proponents of the right and the left are offended by whatever offends them that day. It’s a sad sight to watch adults bicker like 3-year-olds over topics they hardly know anything about.

But that’s what passes for political conversation these days.

Going back to political mailers, we can see that kind of unfiltered informational garbage is what political campaigns are used to and what they’ll pay for.

We’d also like to note that you’ll not see any of those false ads printed here in this newspaper.

Does that hurt? Of course it does. We’re at a point where every ad and every newspaper subscription — digital or print — helps us continue to cover local news.

But there’s something more important than money or power, it’s called integrity. If our politicians recognized that point, the world would be a better place for it.

Your local newspaper is a refuge from the yelling, lies and hatefulness we see online and in cable news. While our focus in on local goings-on, we still work to include enough state and national news to keep you up with current events.

Readers of the Rome News-Tribune newspaper and website will see improved coverage of state, national and world news and sports over the next several days as the newspaper adds three news services to its lineup.

The services are:

Tribune Content Agency provides breaking national and international news, features, business, entertainment, lifestyles, op-ed, sports and more from Tribune’s stable of newspapers including The Chicago Tribune, The Kansas City Star, The Dallas Morning News, The Miami Herald, The Seattle Times and the Los Angeles Times.

In addition to the work of hundreds of renowned journalists, Tribune Content Agency provides news and sports photos, graphics and illustrations.

The contract with Tribune also gives the RN-T and its readers access to a network of more than 17 Georgia newspapers including the Athens Banner-Herald, Augusta Chronicle, Brunswick News, Macon Telegraph and the Savannah Morning News.

Field Level Media will contribute state and national sports coverage, including breaking sports news and analysis in words and images. FLM is the sports content provider to several digital and print media publishers throughout North America.

The Red & Black is the independent student newspaper serving the University of Georgia and city of Athens. The R&B agreement allows the RN-T to publish all news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle articles and photos from the news outlet’s website, redandblack.com. With its 100-plus student journalists and photographers, the R&B has staff assigned to every varsity sport at Georgia and offers extensive coverage of news, music, events and lifestyle on campus and throughout the community.

These three new services, in addition to current providers such as the Georgia Press Association’s Capitol Beat state news bureau, Georgia Health News and other syndicated news services, will provide this newspaper and its readers well-rounded, fair and objective coverage of all the news and sports outside of Floyd County.

Combined, all these sources of news and sports coverage will replace the newspaper’s current wire service The Associated Press, whose contract with the RN-T expires in May.

Because of this change you’ll notice some changes in the daily product, but we’re hoping you like what you see.

Thank you for reading.

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