We agree with the next President of the United States.

President-elect Joe Biden said, in a Monday evening address to the nation, poll workers in the 2020 presidential election showed courage.

Republicans, Democrats and others who worked the polls, helping us all vote and working diligently to safeguard the election in our community and across the nation showed a commitment to democracy.

This year, more than ever, it was a thankless task.

This year, they protected the integrity of the election in the face of threats, name calling and false accusations.

And still, they did their jobs.

Whether they were registering new voters, checking you in at your voting precinct, escorting you to the machine and explaining how to cast a ballot, or assisting in the initial count or recount, these women and men do what they do in a nonpartisan way, believing the principles of democracy outweigh the issues of the day.

In Lowndes County, Deb Cox, who runs the elections office, leads a small army of staff, temporary workers and volunteers as they go about performing their duties, effectively ensuring that every vote counts.

Essentially, all elections are local and there is no such thing as a federally run election.

The U.S. election for president and every federal office is actually a mass network of local elections across the nation, all held at the same time.

If this year’s presidential election was corrupt and the fix was in, that would mean local elections held in communities across the nation, just like Lowndes County, were corrupt.

There is no evidence of systemic, widespread voter fraud that could have changed the outcome of the election.

Yes, mistakes are made here and there in every election, and there are a few people, statistically speaking, across the nation who vote without the legal authority to do so. So, we hear of investigations and a few prosecutions in various places, and that is not unique to this year and this presidential election.

When those relatively rare things happen, it does not mean the hard-working, dedicated women and men — poll workers from both parties in your community — are doing anything wrong, corrupt or illegal. It also doesn’t mean the election was stolen or the outcome was changed.

We appreciate the hard work of poll workers, our local elections office, party poll watchers and volunteers and commend them for their integrity. Especially as they do it again in Lowndes County and throughout Georgia for the runoff election for two Senate seats.

We thank them for making democracy work both this year and every election cycle.

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