Our city or county commissioners shouldn’t feel like they must force us to act like adults — we should take personal responsibility and wear masks.

This week the City Commission approved a mask ordinance, again. Their heart is in the right place but taking a walk downtown it doesn’t look like many people have changed their behavior.

A few people are wearing their masks, others have it pulled down in a type of chinstrap which renders the idea completely ineffective.

Will the city enforce the ordinance this time? It really doesn’t matter.

We should, as individuals, take responsibility and do what we know we should do. Wear a mask when you can’t stay socially distant. Wash or sanitize your hands regularly.

If we’d just do those things, the social media pundits screaming about their rights being trampled on would have to find another topic for their outrage.

We’re rapidly eclipsing new COVID-19 infection records set during a summer surge and just by taking a few small steps we could begin to slow this virus down.

The vaccine will likely be available for the general public this coming summer — so there’s light at the end of the tunnel now. Well unless you listen to the Facebook “experts” who don’t trust a vaccine that doctors and scientists do.

We’ve all seen the plethora of false social media posts and rumors touting fake science: masks keep you from breathing and will suffocate you, the spread of COVID-19 is a media scam and really isn’t dangerous at all, wearing a mask will actually give you a bacterial infection.

Really ... if you have a mask please wash it as well.

The thing is, when we don’t act like adults we don’t get to do what we want to do. When your child acts up, what do you do? You let them know they’ve acted badly and there are consequences for those actions.

Quit acting like children and start acting like adults.

None of us want businesses to shut down again. It was an effective way to slow the quickly spreading contagion but it crippled many businesses and — let’s face it — after another shutdown, many businesses wouldn’t survive.

We all know COVID-19 doesn’t kill everybody, it doesn’t even kill most everybody — but when the coronavirus gets in a nursing home it wreaks death and havoc. Why? Because nursing homes contain the sector of the population hardest hit by coronavirus.

The coronavirus is highly contagious. That, coupled with its ability to hurt our older and fragile populations, makes it dangerous. For many others, it’s nothing but a cough or maybe a fever. But for a few, it’s death — plain and simple.

Here’s a number: 90 people, our people who live in Floyd County, have died resulting from a COVID-19 infection. On top of that 9,175 of our fellow Georgians have died from COVID-19. The actual number is likely higher, but we’ll stick with what the Georgia Department of Public Health has confirmed as of Friday.

Here’s the simple solution — we wear masks. We listen to our public health officials and doctors. We don’t go consult the know-it-alls with social media medical degrees. They can usually be identified through the use of terms like “sheeple” or “scamdemic.”

Again, listen to real health professionals and people who actually know what they’re talking about.

There’s a reason why medical professionals wear facial coverings. They help prevent the spread of disease. In this case, you stop yourself from spreading the coronavirus. When someone else wears a mask, they stop themselves from spreading the virus.

Similar to vaccines, we protect others by protecting ourselves.

The solution to a large problem we’re facing is easy and reasonable.

Wear a mask.

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