We’re almost a little afraid to say that life is getting “back to normal.”

But it makes our hearts glad to see that families are getting back out, people are socializing once again, events are going on as scheduled, restaurants are opening back up and daily life in our community is starting to look a lot like it did before the pandemic.

It’s wonderful to see playgrounds filled with children again and restaurant patrons sitting inside to eat their favorite foods around town. I suppose we took these little things for granted before now.

We’re so happy to see that the First Friday Concert Series has returned to downtown Rome. This first event of the season took place at the Town Green and featured dueling pianos.

What a great spring event.

The city pool is back open and so is the pool in Cave Spring. Seeing the joy on our kids’ faces as they splash around in the cool water makes you really appreciate how things have changed since just a year ago when most of us were shut in our homes and afraid to interact with others.

Our wonderful art events have started up again.

Rome Little Theatre is once again presenting live performances and shows at the DeSoto Theatre. Music lovers can once again experience the beautiful sounds of the Rome Symphony Orchestra live as its 100th anniversary season has started up. And of course beloved local festivals such as the art markets and the Cave Spring Arts Festival on June 12-13 are going on as scheduled.

This fall will look like a Rome fall again as another local event, the Chiaha Harvest Fair, is returning this year on Oct. 23-24. Its organizers are hard at work making sure the popular arts and crafts festival is packed with talented artists, vendors and musicians.

Even big events such as the Bike Ride Across Georgia are taking place.

BRAG is happening as we speak and hundreds of riders are coming into our community as part of the weeklong event.

Not only are we getting to reunite with our friends and neighbors but we’re also getting to see and interact with people from across the state and region. That would have been unheard of this time a year ago when we were in the grips of this terrible pandemic.

It’s tough to contain our joy at all the ways, big and small, that our community is moving forward now that it seems the pandemic is loosening its grip on the world and the country.

But we don’t want to jinx it.

We’re not saying it’s completely behind us and we’re not saying people should ignore the advice of medical experts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What we’re saying is that it gladdens our hearts to know that PERHAPS we’re moving in the right direction and that we missed you, one and all.

We at the Rome News-Tribune are a part of this community and we missed seeing folks around town. We missed seeing you at restaurants and grocery stores, at church and at little league games.

We very much missed seeing businesses prosper and kids thriving academically and socially in classrooms.

It’s good to see you ALL and we hope Rome and Floyd County continue to move in the right direction against this crippling pandemic.

Thank you for reading.

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