Senate Democrats have blocked the Republicans’ long-delayed plan for additional coronavirus aid, raising the prospect that Congress will provide no added fiscal support for the economy between now and the presidential election in November. The two sides are no longer talking, and at this poi…

Type 2 diabetes. Sleep apnea. Obesity. Coronary artery disease. Mental illness. These are just a few of what used to be known as “declinable conditions” before the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010.

With the considerable challenges now facing our nation, more than ever we require competent leaders in Congress.

These days our hearts are heavy. The news brings stories of overwhelming pain and suffering. The coronavirus is rampaging through our country afflicting millions of our fellow Americans and, at last count, has killed over 100,000 citizens.

I’m often asked: How’s the newspaper doing?

There are people in our community who go unheard and unheeded.

The political armchair quarterbacks have been lobbing Hail Mary passes all week; it’s always easy to criticize the person making the call.

With sleigh bells ringing and Rudolph’s red nose casting a warm glow, it becomes easy to forget what this time of year is really all about.

We’d like to thank our three outgoing Rome commissioners and welcome those who will soon step into their roles.

The news is still fresh and a lot of people are weighing their options, but the question is this — if we don’t field a local candidate, do we even deserve our seat in the U.S. House of Representatives?

There’s an amount of dark humor in any profession in which one sees harsh realities of life on a daily basis. Working at a newspaper is one such profession.

After temperatures in the 90s plus for what seemed like forever, we’ve got a break in the heat — enjoy it!