I know I’m late to the game but I just recently started getting into an app called Nextdoor.

And by “getting into,” I mean my eyes were just opened to the GOLDMINE that is on this app.

It’s an app or website where people in a certain geographical area sign up and post about pretty much anything they want. The idea is that folks in your area can see what you post and can respond — you and your “neighbors” can communicate about things going on around you and stay informed.

But as with any social media platform, it has pretty much become a sounding board for anything people are thinking. Folks use it to vent, to argue, to spread rumors AND to actually inform and discuss neighborhood issues.

People post about everything from handyman services needed to lost pets to letting people know that a doe just had a baby in Garden Lakes so people need to drive carefully. They post about noises they heard and ask if anyone saw police cars race down East 11th Street. They complain about dogs barking and people driving too fast.

I admit I’ve never really paid much attention to the app but recently my friend Tricia opened my eyes to the (I’m gonna use the words WEALTH OF) information people put out there. And I’ve compiled a few of my recent favorite posts. These are all in Rome and please remember people post this stuff for complete strangers to read. I’ve copied their posts as they wrote them.

1. Who ever is going boom in Coosa. Would appreciate it if you didn’t do the big booms this late.

2. I need someone to come change a lightbulb in a ceiling fixture for me, please. My husband only earns a paycheck. He can’t be bothered to do House Things. But he will pay a stranger to come in our house to change a light bulb because it needs to get done.

3. I live in Rockwood and I have to have the worst neighbor ever. He’s surrendered my cat to the pound, put the other one in a cage, called the police while we were playing cornhole in my fenced back yard stating he heard a “woman screaming and was concerned,” threatened to call a lawyer and make me pay when the tornado ripped a tree out of ground and fell on his fence and messed up his river rock. Now he’s mad about how people were cutting my grass and my “trash grass” was getting in his yard.”

4. To the jerk who has installed a propane cannon or something in the Mitchell Circle area: I refuse to be kept awake all night with your stupid explosions. This is your one and only warning to remove and deactivate that device or I will find it and destroy it. Consider yourself warned. I WILL get a good night’s sleep.

5. (Every sentence in this post has an exclamation mark so you know it’s gonna be good) Not nice people! Can y’all believe someone in a car came up and threw a firecracker out the window next to my friend with my small pet on a leash! My dog got injured trying to get away! This is, was so nasty! Could have given her a heart attack or maybe a person a heart attack! Why!

6. (This lady gets very specific about her hair) I have very thick super fine hair that shows every scissor cut. I am looking for someone that does stacked cuts well. I actually drove 6 hours to get first haircut after get vaccinated as have very hard hair to cut. I have gotten some terrible haircut in past until I find someone in town that can do it. Retired so cost is a consideration. Appreciate any recommendations.

7. (While it is the correct terminology, I’ve never heard anyone refer to a flock of chickens before) Anyone ever injected medicine into chickens? I’m in dire need of some help here. I’m scared to death of needles, like anxiety and panic attack inducing, and need to give my flock injection antibiotics.

8. (This person posted a photo of a butterfly. Just a regular butterfly) This is a butterfly that was on the inside of a milk jug on my deck. I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my time I will add this one to the list.

9. If anyone smells smoke don’t worry. I’ve got my smoker going and I’ll be hickory smoking some Boston Butts all through the night.

10. Three German Shepherd’s. This text is to the owner of the three German Shepherd’s that roam the neighborhood on Bethel Church Road. One of your German Shepherds have killed one of our rescue cats, And chases everything that will move. Obviously you have no regard for your neighbors. We have rescue cats and some rescue dogs which we keep fenced and in our yard. If your German Shepherd’s come into our yard again or attack another one of our helpless, old, fur babies there will be consequences.

11. Does anyone hand raise birds near Pearl St.? I came home from work and a juvenile robin landed on my shoulder. He won’t stop following me around and perching on my shoulder!! At first I thought he was hurt because he’s not flying super high or far distances but now I’m not so sure.

12. (This post was accompanied by photo of trash dumped on the side of the road and I agree people who do that are themselves trash) Mount Alto Trash. Some (person) has dumped a ton of trash out on the radio springs side of Mt. Alto Rd. Keep an eye out for these Neanderthals please.

Severo Avila is Features Editor for the Rome News-Tribune.

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