Wait! I believe there is a way to heal our problems regarding this summer of gloom, doom, disappointments, and political craziness. No, I have not cooked up a coronavirus vaccine in my kitchen, but just an idea I brewed to give us all a reprieve from sadness.

We should all put up a Christmas tree! I know Hobby Lobby has their Christmas decorations on the shelf because it is July. And, since we cannot enjoy many festivities now, why not plan for a brighter day?

Many folks need a gift and a lift of a present wrapped in love with a red ribbon. If you sew, make masks, blankets, or clothes for those in need. You don’t sew, but you knit? Then create scarves and hats for those who will soon require warmth. If you love to cook or can fresh vegetables, make them for another whose necessities are greater than yours. Create smiles for children with decorated boxes full of school supplies.

Wear your mask when you visit craft stores and look for project ideas to bring cheer to the face of a total stranger or loved ones. Make ornaments, paint a picture, or frame a poem. Why don’t we all take time to show the world that nothing can stop the generosity found in the holiday spirit? The delight of Christmas will heal hearts everywhere.

Who knows what our holidays will resemble when they roll around in December? We may be in worse shape, or we may be on the brink of solutions, but wherever we are, let’s face it with determination. No virus nor political rhetoric should damage celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Unless you belong to the Bah Humbug Society, Christmas brings out the best in us. And, boy, do we need to be better than we have ever been before. We must put on our big Santa suits and declare that because Christ was born, we can conquer the worst of times. Because God came to us, we must celebrate him now, not in five months, but right now. We owe God our prayers, mutual respect, and thankfulness.

In the last few months, I have a new appreciation for the people in my life. My family, friends, and those who once gave their love to me are my blessings. I have always adored my high school class, but now I pray more for their safety and well-being. When I write a story, I think of each newspaper’s editors and staff that may be experiencing furloughs and financial difficulty.

When I hear of someone living alone or suffering this year, I pray that God sits beside them every day, bestowing his comfort. When I pass a business, I pray for the employees who are struggling. As I watch folks stroll down my neighborhood streets, I pray I will see them happily hanging wreaths on their doors in December.

There is nothing like people; no matter what color, no matter how old, no matter how kind or cantankerous they are, they are loved by God. It is our job to spread the gift of his abundant love.

I always sprout goosebumps when the enormous Christmas tree arrives in Rockefeller Center in New York. This year it may be raised without the usual fanfare, but perhaps that is the way it should be. Possibly each light on the tree should represent those who will never enjoy another Christmas day because of a killing virus. The tree should be illuminated for them, so their light continues to shine on us.

For the families who lost a loved one or struggled with sickness, they need a gift from those who escaped such tragedy. Health care workers who are exhausted in hospitals across the country need a present from those who do not understand the risk they endure.

We all are praying for a miracle. However, the miracle arrived 2,020 years ago. When God walked the earth, he healed the sick, taught us how to love others, embrace faith, and have hope. He told us to fear not because he is there. Nothing has changed in those years except us. Let us rejoice in the Lord, who never leaves us, who will guide us through all this darkness if we look to him to light our path.

We may not have a typical Christmas, but we could have a better Christmas if only we give from our hearts and hands. Take up time with doing and throw gloom away because you did.

Remember, every present you bestow on those in need is a gift placed at the feet of the Christ child born all those years ago.

Lynn Gendusa of Roswell is the author of “It’s All Write with Me!” Essays from my heart. She can be reached at www.lynngendusa.com.

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