My love for the politics was developed by my Bartow County roots. I look back fondly on my Y Club days and opportunity to be a senator in Youth Assembly and elected as “Mayor for the Day” learning from Mayor John Dent in 1977. Those early experiences are what led to the privilege of working as a deputy sheriff, prosecutor, and legislative counsel to a lieutenant governor.

My experience has shown me the importance of protecting individual rights, our Constitution, and the rule of law. I wake up every morning thankful to God that I have the privilege of being an American, living in a Republic, protected by our Constitution – no matter what direction political winds blow.

I, alongside all of us who voted in the election for President Trump, are deeply concerned by the result of the election and the storms we see coming under a Biden administration, but throwing out our Constitution is not the right response.

Today, some in the Republican Party are calling on Gov. (Brian) Kemp to call a special session of the legislature to retroactively change election laws and reverse the election result. This is not the right request.

What we should be asking of Gov. Kemp is to work within the framework of our state and federal Constitutions; and I am thankful that he is doing exactly that. I admire him for standing up for the rule of law, not bending to the political pressure.

For those who believe I am wrong, stop reading social media and take the opportunity to read for yourself our federal and state Constitutions. Our law clearly states that Presidential electors are picked in accordance with the results of the popular vote. We, Gov. Kemp, and the Georgia General Assembly, cannot act in a different way than what the law provides. If we attempted to do so, we would be undermining the very principles that protect our rights and individual liberties.

We should also ask Gov. Kemp and our elected officials to take the right steps to maintain the integrity of our elections process. I hope Gov. Kemp, Secretary (of State Brad) Raffensperger, and county election officials will double their efforts to find, document and expose fraud, any fraud. Then, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, any criminal who is found in violation.

Our request to members of the General Assembly: demand that our secretary of state give careful and rapid consideration to potential vulnerabilities of the security of the electronic voting system. I, and many other people, just do not trust the software. We also do not trust the absentee voting process or the verification of those ballots. It is not voter suppression for an individual be required to show ID and prove they are a legal voter. Please improve this process so that we all can feel confident that our votes and voting process result in a valid and accurate election.

It is our Constitution which makes us Americans. Let us respect it for the good of our country. It is truly the Last Best Hope.

Irene Munn is a 1978 graduate of Cartersville High School and a 1996 graduate of the Georgia State University College of Law. She is a former Cobb County deputy sheriff, Douglas County assistant district attorney, and legislative counsel and director of policy for Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. She and her family reside in Atlanta.

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