It’s Hallmark movie season.

As many of you know, Hallmark movies have become a popular holiday tradition. What’s so funny about these movies is that they’re very formulaic. They’re usually set in some idyllic little town during the holidays. Attractive boy meets attractive girl, they fall in love, a minor conflict jeopardizes their romance, but it’s resolved and everything ends happily.

Well I thought Rome could be the setting for a Hallmark movie. We’ve got it all — a small but charming city, great spots for romantic scenes and lots of down-home, friendly folks to make up a great cast of characters.

I’ve taken the liberty of jotting down a few of my ideas for Hallmark movies set in Rome ...

The Perfect Match is set against the backdrop of the contentious Rome Tennis Center. Its tournament director just broke up with his fiancé and is jaded about love. But the annual holiday tournament is in town and a single mom is here with her young prodigy daughter. She’s not looking for love either. However, the two keep bumping into each other while trying their best not to fall for each other. While this is going on, angry townsfolk are protesting the tournament because they believe the tennis courts are a waste of taxpayer money. In the end, the tournament director and single mom are forced together during the dramatic final match, which is televised nationally bringing lots of attention to the town. The two protagonists admit they love each other, the daughter wins the tournament and the angry townspeople realize they’ve been shortsighted about the tennis center.

Love Knows No Laws pits two rival law offices against each other. Brinson, Askew, Berry etc. is always in contention with Cox, Twyman, Byington and Johnson. They try to outdo each other on the legal battlefield and their attorneys compete for popularity and prestige in town. But no one told that to two attractive young attorneys who just passed the bar and are working at the opposing offices. They meet in court and instantly feel a connection. But their colleagues make it clear that they can’t possibly form a relationship across enemy lines. As the Christmas season nears, they keep crossing paths awkwardly. It all comes to a head during the annual Torts for Tots event when the two law offices try to outdo each other in raising money for needy kids. There’s lots of tension at the event until our two protagonists combine to raise more money than the event has EVER raised. The two firms see that their rivalry is keeping them from achieving great things together, our lovebirds are celebrated and all the needy kids in Rome get a great Christmas.

All That Glitters is a heartwarming movie set at Greene’s Jewelers on Broad Street. It’s almost closing time on Christmas Eve and a beautiful employee is the last one in the store. Just before she locks the door, a firefighter with an awesome mustache runs in. He completely forgot to buy a present for his girlfriend. Could he possibly buy something at this late hour? The employee reluctantly agrees. She wants to get home to her cat but she’s a sweet girl and he seems like a super nice guy. As they browse, he tells her about the girlfriend and it’s clear he’s unsure about her. The two are having such a great time talking that they lose track of time. Hours go by. And when he finally picks out a necklace, a blizzard has come down outside and they’re snowed in. So here they are, snowed in on Christmas Eve. Just them two in the store. He’s fallen for her but he can’t betray his girlfriend. He’s too good of a guy. They fall asleep leaning on each other and wake up on Christmas morning. Sometime in the night he got a text. It’s from the girlfriend. She’s left him for a Rome police officer. He’s not upset because he never really loved her. He loves someone else. The Greene’s girl. And she loves him too. They step out, together, into the snow on Christmas morning.

The Deed to My Heart: A high profile Atlanta attorney is sent to Rome to oversee the sale of some property in Armuchee ... property Lavender Mountain Hardware is on. The family-owned store has been floundering for years and the great granddaughter of the store’s founder is trying to keep it going. But times are tough and the bills are piling up. Well the big time attorney becomes smitten with the store owner. But he can’t find the right time to tell her he’s there to buy the property and level the store her family has built. He befriends her and goes so far as to help out around the store, all the while guarding his secret. They’re falling for each other and he has to tell her his reason for being in Rome. But it will crush her. On his way to tell her, she gets a call from his employer and learns the truth. She’s heartbroken and angry. He gets to her house and she throws him out before he can explain that he WAS there for that reason but ended up falling in love. He goes back to Atlanta and a week later she learns that he’s spent his life savings paying off the debt for her property and has put the deed in her name. She races to Atlanta on Christmas Day, bursts into his family dinner and in front of everyone professes her love for him. They live happily ever after.

Severo Avila is Features Editor for the Rome News-Tribune.

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