Just as individuals make resolutions for the new year, so too can a community.

If people can try to better themselves, then the community in general can try to improve as well. Here are a few New Year resolutions I thought we as a community might try to stick to in 2022:

1. We will remember that we do not need to take a group photo in front of the Aventine restaurant sign every single time we eat there.

2. We will not attempt to annex the Celanese neighborhood into the city this year.

3. We will do our best to doublecheck sources of information before we click and share outlandish stories and photos on social media.

4. We will remember that most of us do NOT have a medical degree or a geopolitical sciences degree, therefore we will listen to actual experts in those fields instead of looking like fools arguing with people who know what they’re talking about.

5. We will not treat the Rome-Floyd County Library as our own personal babysitter. We know childcare is expensive so we should have thought about that before having more babies.

6. We will be responsible pet owners by only having pets we have the resources to care for, and then we will have those pets spayed or neutered so as not to contribute to the county’s pet overpopulation problem. We will not keep our dogs chained up to a tree for their entire lives.

7. We will be more active and present in our children’s upbringing. Teachers can only do so much. It is our responsibility to raise well mannered and upstanding members of society.

8. When the Buffalo Wild Wings opens, we will not block traffic all the way down Turner McCall trying to get in there. We know that in Rome a new restaurant is treated as if it was Disneyland, so we will patiently wait until it’s not as crowded to try to eat there.

9. We WILL get a Target and a Cracker Barrel this year. In Jesus’ name we pray.

10. We will prioritize care for our homeless population and our mentally ill.

11. We will not “panic buy” at the first whispers of a possible shortage of anything. We will not race to grocery stores and buy up all of a single product because of impending bad weather. We will not tell people that the economy is about to crash so they need to stockpile enough food for 8 months.

12. We will not have loud private conversations on our cellphones while in line at the grocery store or while walking around said store. No one else wants to hear our arguments with our grown children.

13. We will stop adding an “S” to places whose names do not end with an “S.” For example, Kroger, Walmart and Cave Spring.

14. We will not dump our trash or unwanted furniture and appliances on the side of the road somewhere out in the county.

15. We will not air our dirty laundry on social media. We do not need to put anyone “on blast” on a public forum, because we realize that by doing so we’re also sending the message that we ourselves are “drama” and instead end up looking like the crazy person ourselves.

16. We will support our local artists and musicians by purchasing their work if we can or by attending their performances.

17. We will doublecheck the spellings of “chest of drawers,” “wrought iron,” “armoire,” and “lawnmower” before we post those items on the Yard Sale page.

18. We will not use the tennis courts as a blanket scapegoat for all the community’s shortcomings.

19. We will try to remember that Facebook is NOT the place to solicit free medical or legal advice. You get what you pay for and just because your cousin Brenda went to jail twice last year does not qualify her to give you advice about the inner workings of the judicial system.

20. We will not try to get our friends and family to buy into our pyramid scheme even if we did build an “empire” on cleaning or weight loss products alone.

21. We will not spread outlandish and unfounded conspiracy theories just because we want them to be true.

22. In all things we will strive to be more like Chick-Fil-A employees.

We are imperfect but we can all strive to be a little bit better. As a community, let’s make 2022 the year we are the best we’ve ever been.

Severo Avila is Features Editor for the Rome News-Tribune.


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