I’m a little jealous of people who live in Summerville Park.

It’s not just because they’re within walking distance of China City.

It’s because every year they host a neighborhood yard sale and it’s the coolest thing. So my neighbor Lacey came up with a great idea. We need a Celanese neighborhood yard sale.

What I like about the Summerville Park yard sale is that a ton of people know about it and plan to attend each year. It’s a popular event. On the day of the sale, several homeowners on every street put out all the furniture and decor items and knick-knacks and everything else they want to sell. Almost every street is lined with participating families. So visitors can park and just walk around the neighborhood from house to house buying all kinds of crazy things.

But it’s not just he bargains they’re there for. It’s a social thing too. You see people from all over town. You see old friends and make new ones. You cut up with people who are (just like you) walking from house to house to hunt for treasures.

The Summerville Park folks sit outside their homes and chat with anyone who happens to walk up. And you know what the best part is? Visitors get to walk around the streets of Summerville Park and see the cute houses and really enjoy the neighborhood.

That’s what Lacey was thinking about when she figured there’s no reason we Celanese residents couldn’t do the same thing. We’ve got a beautiful little neighborhood over there. The houses are close together and there are lots of big trees for shade. So it’s perfect for a neighborhood yard sale where people could just park their cars and walk from house to house.

So Lacey is spearheading the Celanese Neighborhood Yard sale and I’m helping her get the word out. It’ll take place on Oct. 5 and we would love it if a whole bunch of Celanese residents would participate. Surely y’all have some stuff you’d like to get rid of. Now’s the time to get it all out in the front yard or the car port and take advantage of (hopefully) a bunch of stopping by, drawn in by the prospect of a ton of stuff to buy all in one place.

Lacey is using social media to try to reach our fellow Celanese residents and hopefully get others involved. It seems there are many Celenesians who are interested.

I’m actually pretty excited about it. I keep telling folks about what a cool little neighborhood Celanese is. We’ve got lots of character out there. The houses are those old brick mill houses and I like to think the residents are good salt-of-the-earth folks. We’ve got people who have been living over there for decades and we’ve also got young couples who are moving in and really fixing up their little corner of the neighborhood.

It seems to me that Celanese is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. A rebirth. People are eager to buy houses over there and fix em up either to live in or to rent. So there’s definitely a feeling of freshness and renewal over there. If you haven’t driven through the neighborhood in a while I encourage you to do so, even if it’s just to look at the houses and what people have done with some of ‘em.

And there’s no better time to do that than on Oct. 5 when Lacey and I (and hopefully lots of our neighbors) will be selling a wide variety of items.

And Summerville Park folks need to come out and support Celanese. First off, y’alls houses are nicer than ours so I’m sure you’ll get some sort of tax deduction for helping the less fortunate. Secondly, Lord knows Lacey and I have spent a ton of money over at y’alls sale so please return the favor. Even if you turn right around and sell our stuff at YOUR yard sale next year that’s fine. I’ll probably go over and buy it right back. It’s the circle of life.

So mark your calendars on Saturday, Oct. 5 for the Celanese Yard Sale. It’s centrally located just a few minutes from Turner McCall Boulevard and Broad Street. For those of you who live in Celanese I encourage you to participate. This is a great chance to show off the pride we have in our wonderful neighborhood and you could get rid of some of that stuff you don’t want anymore.

Severo Avila is the features editor for the Rome News-Tribune.

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