Many years ago, daily reading of our horoscope was in some of our blood, and at the time it seemed we believed in them with all our heart. I remember some of us would greet each other with “What’s your sign?”

Last Saturday morning as I was perusing the Rome News-Tribune, I was drawn to that particular section and I began to read my horoscope. I had not been led to do so in many years. It read “Try to avoid getting sucked into squabbles with others today whether online or offline. Stay focused on what’s really important.”

That was a call for positivity because if I am not careful, I will allow myself to be pulled into situations on a daily basis because of the topics of my weekly columns.

Immediately after reading the last line of the horoscope, my eyes caught the headline of an article titled “Graves forms PAC to support lawmakers who work together.” I thought to myself, “Now that is what I have been talking about; how we need to learn to work together.”

Our former congressman Tom Graves has found a way to play the game of”‘I win you win.” He used to be where many seem to still be today — “I win you lose.” He said that after 20 years in politics, he has now reached the “remarkable conclusion” that the two parties can work together successfully on issues that will benefit this country and allow the country to move forward and continue to be the light on the hill serving as a beacon for all Third World nations to look up to and follow.

For the last 20 plus years, many of us in this country — and especially in this state — have focused on how to find ways to increase the great divide that we are faced with. When at one time most successful politicians were trying to seek ways to find common ground on which to work.

I got excited after reading the article written by Editor John Bailey. To try to find ways to gridlock Congress or any group is senseless or asinine when we all realize that there is no success in blocking forward movement which will benefit the general good. When that is the name of the game, no one gains and everyone loses. Time is wasted and everyone is set back in time, finances and success.

Tom Graves is evidently looking back over his political life and now realizes that time did not wait for him to reach this conclusion. It was wasted and cannot be retrieved. As he looks back, maybe he can see clearly now how much more advanced Georgia and other parts of the country would be if the two parties could have and would have put their party affiliations aside and worked on the issues at hand together.

Many called President Joe Biden an old centrist when he suggested what Graves is advocating. Biden truly still believes that it is possible — and if this country is to continue to exist in one piece that is the only way to accomplish it.

We know there are so many now who have been filled with the venom of hate, divisiveness, and anger and do not want what Tom Graves is advocating. He has a thick wall to fight through and break down, but with the help of like-minded people who are tired of fighting and being ugly to family, friends and neighbors who do not look and think like them, it can be torn down.

Our sustaining power comes with working together and respecting each other; realizing that the differences do not make the other person any less human or any less knowledgeable, or any less stupid. There is a common denominator for all people regardless the color, race, creed or party affiliation.

The R next to our neighbor’s name or the D next to another neighbor’s name will not reduce his or her humanity. No one should have to prove their humanity, and it is that exact belief that helps us to know that Democrats and Republicans can work together and be successful. The PAC that Graves is advocating is truly within reach of the two parties.

According to the article, the PAC will provide financial and political support to elected officials regardless of their party affiliations. The goal is to work in a bipartisan way toward “a strong national defense, free market solutions, fiscal responsibility and individual freedoms and the opportunities that come with it.”

Graves was quoted as saying that “The best way forward is for our elected officials to work collectively once again for the people they represent.”

Willie Mae Samuel is a playwright, founder and director of the African American Connection of the Performing Arts Inc. and a 2020 Heart of the Community Award recipient. She can be contacted at

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