Are you a thirsty Facebooker? You might be.

You just might be one of those people who posts or shares items to social media for no other reason than you're thirsty for attention.

We all post stuff sometimes that will make us look good or that puts us in a positive light but y'all know there are some people that constantly post things that are really just a desperate cry for attention. Sometimes they want sympathy. Sometimes they want praise. Sometimes they're fishing for compliments. And sometimes they just want people to fawn over then and ask them what's wrong.

I've compiled a list of the most common attention seeking social media posts I see. I'm sure y'all know people who do some of this. And if you do these things, please know your friends are talking about you behind your back:

1. Vague posts to elicit questions and concern but not wanting to talk about it publicly. For example "I guess I was right about some people" or "Every time I do a good deed I get stabbed in the back" or "The heart wants what the heart wants" or just simply "sigh (and a sad face emoji)," and then when someone comments asking what's wrong, they don't want to talk about it or say "I'll message you." If you don't wanna talk about it publicly, then don't post about it publicly.

2. Memes or posts about how horrible their exes are — we don't wanna hear what your "crazy ex" did this time or what your "dead beat baby daddy/mama" failed to do this week. It says more about your choices in partner than it does about them. If they're so terrible you shouldn't have ignored all those red flags. And some of them even get back with the crazy ex the very next week after posting that.

3. Selfies proclaiming that they're comfortable with their "gym hair" or "proud of my flaws" or "comfortable in my own skin" BUT the photo isn't of them in their natural state. You've clearly spent hours putting on makeup and doing your hair and applying filter after filter on the photo. You just want people to compliment you. Have a seat.

4. Memes about how happily single they are when we all know they're desperate for someone to date. They're really just letting the world know they're available. We get it. You just got out of a relationship. The whole world doesn't need to know you're open for business.

5. Changing their profile picture to one from their wedding day when there's no reason for it. It's not an anniversary and they're not talking about their wedding day. It's just to show off how they looked on that day. Yes, we know you were beautiful in your wedding dress and had your hair and makeup professionally done but you don't look like that now. Post a photo from Tuesday. Not from Gatlinburg circa 1992.

6. Fishing for compliments or potential hookups by asking people to "share your first memory of me" or "what's your favorite photo of me" or "remind me how you and I met." You're clearly looking for attention.

7. Photos of them dressed to go to the club but the hashtag is BLESSED. It's one thing if you post a photo of your beautiful family or a new baby or even a scenic view and say you're blessed. But Jesus didn't "bless" you with a Michael Kors bag or a new Jeep Wrangler so you can rub it in everyone's faces.

8. Photos of awards or trophies they got years ago that have no relevance today but they just wanted to bring it up to get attention from it. The caption is usually something like "throwback to that time I was awarded most sales in my department." No one cares about your stupid award from 2012 or the fact that years ago you caught the winning touchdown in a high school game. How about you win some awards this week and post those instead of trying to recapture your glory days?

9. I'm guilty of this one. Posting food photos that make it look like you SHOULD weigh 300 pounds but you don't. My friend Jeremy reminded me that it's annoying that I always post my Bojangles meals and all the terribly unhealthy snacks I eat like pork rinds and circus peanuts. Well I don't apologize for it one bit. I'll always post food from Bojangles and Waffle House because those places make me happy. Jeremy will just have to deal with it.

10. When teachers who've had two months off for the summer, post "I don't wanna go back" or "Can I get one more week of vacation?" a few days before school starts up. Y'all know how many days of vacation I get a year? TEN. For the whole year. Y'all work hard and deserve your vacation but don't complain of having to go back to work to people who have BEEN at work the whole time you were off.

11. Posts about how you can't find any good men or good women in this town. Maybe this town ain't the problem. Maybe you're lookin' in places you don't need to be lookin' to find a husband or wife. Maybe you're attracted to losers. Maybe the problem is YOU. Ever thought of that?

12. Pictures of the beach with a caption that says "wish I was here." Yes, we get it. You don't wanna be at work. You wanna be at the beach. Well you know what? We all wanna be at the beach. Join the club.

13. The mom's photo of her child's accomplishment that strangely enough has the kid all the way in the background and the mom is front and center with a low-cut shirt on. If little Bobby got his braces out or got a certificate at school or won a soccer trophy, then let him have the photo all to himself instead of you using it as a selfie for Instagram purposes.

If you know any of the people I've described above, please post this column to their social media pages and hope they get the hint. #Blessed.

Severo Avila is features editor for the Rome News-Tribune

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