I write this morning nestled in the bosom of the beautiful Pecos Valley, New Mexico. Flowing approximately 25 yards from this keyboard is the crystalline Pecos River. More about that later.

After she read my column last week regarding selflessness aiding in the healing of our national pandemic, she replied, “If only, if only ...”

I watched the live-streamed meeting between city, county, public and private health officials last Wednesday, and must say I am concerned by the responses of some of the government officials and Katie Dempsey, Rome’s state representative, after the public and private health officials spoke.

Here’s my two cents on a number of things that I’d like to see happen in our community.

A friend of mine recently posted Canned Heat’s song “Let’s Work Together” and it has been running through my head ever since. One verse and chorus read:

I think some people owe Colin Kaepernick an apology. An apology will not put money lost in his account, but it may give him peace of mind and heart, and it may help him to believe in the ideals of America again.

I guess every state in the United States has had a bad boy. Georgia’s was Doc Holliday.

How well it would be if we could all live our lives encouraged and inspired, all the while being an inspiration to others.

We had to sell one vehicle, purchase another; after much research, see doctors, gather medications, and pack for a family for several months. Future appointments were made with a promise to return to our community in late October. After months of isolation and much preparation we embarked on…

Today, the morning sun is rising, forewarning the day will be a hot one. The air is still as the humidity seems to dampen the familiar sounds of daybreak. It is another typical summer, sweltering day in the heart of the South.

Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. CDC’s new estimates show that there are about 20 million new infections in the United States each year, costing the American healthcare system nearly $16 billion in direct medical costs. STDs have surged for the fifth straight year, reaching an …

I’ve been re-reading the prophets in these days of pandemic. The prophets often speak to a people in crisis — and while they speak hard truths those hard truths are full of hope. The prophet Ezekiel was such a preacher.

Hesitant, Jimmy Braxton entered the store. After all, his old coat still had some wear left. He thought, “Why do I need to buy a new one now?”

As hard as it is sometimes to give credit where credit is due, after wrestling with this mentally and emotionally for days and even weeks, I finally talked self into sitting down so that I could reason with her. We worked it out.

Edward Scissorhands. At 10 years old, I thought it the most fascinating movie I had ever seen. Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder (who were dating at the time) starred in the masterpiece, and I had Big Bopper posters of them plastered on my bedroom walls. The use of color, the hauntingly beautiful…

One of my dad’s favorite things to say has always been, “When you assume, it makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me.’” When I was young, I hated for him to pull that one out of his pocket because it usually meant that he was rightfully pointing out that I was not seeking the information needed to…

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is home to one of the largest art markets in the country. One road in the middle of the old city, Canyon Road, boasts some of the most important galleries in the land.

This is one of those stories that was told to me down though the years as I was growing up. I will let you decide if it is fact or fiction.

I miss the late Lewis Grizzard. I think he was the proudest native of Georgia who ever lived. Born at Ft. Benning, Lewis grew up in Moreland. Did you know his mother was a teacher and she earned her bachelor’s degree at Berry College?

Our big summer holiday is here and no baseball. No steaming hot double-headers in which a driven pitcher, with an adroit skill-set linked to a deep competitive urge pitches his heart out for the home team, winning a close encounter in the afternoon and losing 10 pounds on the day.

Ordinarily, as we approach Independence Day in America, folks are planning barbeques, vacations, and preparing to celebrate this summertime holiday. Parades wind down streets and waving American flags dot our landscape. We relish in the delight of children’s squeals as fireworks light our sk…

My buddy Rome resident Blake Kirby was once shamed on the Fourth of July and it’s something he’s carried in his heart for many years.

Romans have debated the impact of not being on the Eisenhower Interstate network for decades. Phooey on all that asphalt or concrete and noise, because we’ve got the original interstate.

Never walk into a Cabela’s wearing jeans and a khaki/tan Columbia brand short-sleeve shirt. Some young man playing checkers, sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs, will pause and tell you to have a good day at work.

Having been raised in the Bible Belt, I have seen Scripture used to further white privilege. I have heard biblical passages delivered in an effort to elicit a supportive response to “white heroism” in the face of bitter dealings. But, the Bible has something to say about such corruption.

I have long been a fan of a good English comedy. If done well, they leave you feeling like you’ve been on a madcap rollercoaster ride of an adventure, with downright dizzying plot twists and turns.

With all that is happening in our nation right now – the social disruption and losses resulting from COVID-19 as well as widespread protests that in some cases have wrought violence and destruction – recognizing the potential lifelong impact of trauma on people’s physical and mental health i…

Down South when you talk of white lightning, everyone knows what you are talking about. Back in the old days most of the people made their own. Some made it and delivered it to the city to be sold.

Today is June 25, 2020. That’s right. We are six months into 2020, a year which is now thoroughly broken in. A year which, so far, is absolutely broken.

How many times a day do we feel that someone is not listening to us and think they must be “hard of hearing”? Is it hard of hearing or the heart of hearing that we suffer from most?

As much as this country has been through this year, you would think that we would do everything in our power to right our ship, break our bad habits, and calm our rushes to judgment. But, no, it just seems many are unwilling to think outside our comfortable, deep-set, personal ideology.

It’s been a long time since I’ve given y’all an update on my kooky, quirky (but always loving and entertaining) family.

I watched with interest the Rome Development Authority’s recent meeting held to allow the community to speak on the merits of keeping or moving the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest at Myrtle Hill Cemetery.

In light of the COVID-19 virus and protesting across the nation, let us remember to encourage our youth that we are going to be alright and better days are coming.

Seems to me that somebody, sometime, once said that time is the greatest healer of wounds. Nowadays we seem to be learning that even reminders of old wounds can create new injuries.

These days our hearts are heavy. The news brings stories of overwhelming pain and suffering. The coronavirus is rampaging through our country afflicting millions of our fellow Americans and, at last count, has killed over 100,000 citizens.

There are many times I hear people, white and black, ask the question “Why do they run? If they were not doing anything wrong, they should not run.” Now that the race inequities conversation is on the table, hopefully, many more people now understand better why.