The signs are appearing.

There’s a chill in the evening air, and darkness is descending earlier each evening.

Yes, basketball season is here for the 2020-21 season. Officials are busy studying rules and case books, and taking online clinics and rules exams. Teams are practicing, and coaches are evaluating the talent of their teams while planning game strategies.

Georgia High School Association (GHSA) has issued a number of modifications and considerations for the coming basketball season given the pandemic. This column will address about half of them. More to come.


♦ The official game ball shall be sanitized and given to the officials in their dressing area.

The official game ball shall not be used during pregame or halftime warmups.♦

♦ The game ball shall be sanitized during each time out and between quarters.

♦ Game officials shall take the game ball with them at halftime.

♦ Officials shall not wear jackets during pregame warmups.

♦ Officials may wear face coverings and/or gloves during the game. If wearing face coverings, officials may use electronic whistles.

♦ ♦ At any time a game ball is touched by a non-player the ball shall be sanitized. Players shall stay on the court during this procedure.


♦ Concessions Stands – If open, maintain safe physical spacing and sanitized handling of items for purchase.

♦ Ticket Sales Area – Maintain safe physical spacing of spectators purchasing tickets for the games.

♦ Entrance and Exit to Venue – Maintain supervision of spectators entering and exiting the venue.

♦ Public Restrooms – Control entrance to restrooms to ensure safe physical spacing in the restrooms, as well as ample supply of sanitizing materials.

♦ Spectator Attendance – Adhere to the local school system policy for attendance to games. Ensure that the visiting opponents know the local school system control policy.

Football, volleyball, and softball have had successful seasons and basketball should be the same. Next time modifications to the team bench, official table area, and officials responsibilities will be covered.

Good luck to your team and see you safely at the gym.

Stan Pethel


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