Name: Jamie L. Doss

Office sought: Rome City Commission

Occupation: Financial advisor, city commissioner

What qualities do you bring to the City Commission? Why are you seeking a seat?

I have served for 28 years on the Rome City Commission. I hope the voters would appreciate the experience I have to offer. I love serving the community and I’m passionate about the future of Rome.

A 10 p.m. curfew is proposed to address the issue of young people wandering around aimlessly downtown. How would you like to see the problem handled?

The purpose of the curfew is not to discourage people from coming downtown — quite the opposite. A curfew is a tool for our police department to utilize in circumstances of unruliness and destruction and a means to make our community safer. In these circumstances, the parents or guardians should be held responsible for their children’s actions.

The city got $11.5 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding and not all has been allocated. Where should the one-time boost be directed?

I would hope to utilize some of the money addressing vacancies and employee retention. Sewer extension is on the forefront with the funds. When you extend sewer lines, then growth will follow. The boost should be directed to several areas, including our successful land bank and strategically placed surveillance cameras.

We are still in the learning mode on how to use the funds. As a financial advisor, I encourage my clients to have a monetary reserve in case of an emergency. That mindset flows over to my role as a City Commissioner. I highly value saving opportunities over spending opportunities.

In terms of annual general fund budgeting, what are your spending priorities?

The city is in the business of service delivery like water and sewer, police, fire and streets etc. In my opinion, public safety should be our highest priority.

Is there a special project or vision for the city you want to promote on the Commission over the next four years?

I would like to see Rome as one of Georgia’s top sports and tourist destinations. We also have a great opportunity to connect and brand our trail system. If “all roads lead to Rome,” then we need to find opportunities to keep our bright young people from leaving. The quality of life we have in our city is easy to take for granted. “There’s no place like Rome.”


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