Name: Elaina Beeman

Office sought: Rome City Commission

Occupation: NWGa Housing Authority Project SOAR education navigator and tax credit manager

What qualities do you bring to the City Commission? Why are you seeking a seat?

I bring honesty, motivation, commitment, leadership, and experience. I am seeking a seat because my heart is in this community. As a Leadership Rome and Leadership Georgia graduate, it is my duty to step up and to continue to be of service to all.

A 10 p.m. curfew is proposed to address the issue of young people wandering around aimlessly downtown. How would you like to see the problem handled?

I am in favor of maintaining the 11 p.m. curfew. However, I don’t like punishing the whole for what the halves are not doing right. If young people are misbehaving downtown at night without adult supervision, then hold the legal guardian accountable.

The city got $11.5 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding and not all has been allocated. Where should the one-time boost be directed?

Before making this kind of big decision, I would like to hold an open forum or an event where public commit could be given, to ensure that we utilize funds which best meet the needs of the citizens.

In terms of annual general fund budgeting, what are your spending priorities?

Public safety right now is the most crucial factor facing city governments, and crime hinders the kind of urbanization essential for economic development. Transportation is a necessity for citizens to be able to move about effectively in our city. And having the opportunity to afford quality housing is essential for families to live a vibrant life here in Rome.

Is there a special project or vision for the city you want to promote on the Commission over the next four years?

I see a need for Rome to create more activities for Romans in general such as social gatherings, commercial recreational activities, and a night life that is accessible to all citizens within Rome. I visualize our fine city having a Topgolf, Dave & Busters, Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center and a Track Family Fun Park like in Pigeon Forge. I would like to focus on job creation that will provide more activities for all Romans which brings a need to relocate to our amazing city.


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