14th Congressional District Q&A Kevin Van Ausdal

Kevin Van Ausdal is the Democratic nominee for the 14th Congressional District seat. He works in the financial technology industry. Learn more at kevinvanausdal.com.

Describe how you see Congress’ role at this stage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Working-class families are the backbone of our economy. American families are suffering financially and medically because of the pandemic. It is Congress’s job to pass legislation that provides relief for these families to see us through this crisis. By taking steps to provide stability to these families, Congress will ensure stability for the economy as a whole. Making sure that mortgages and rent is paid preventing a housing market collapse. It will also ensure small and big businesses have a steady stream of revenue so they can meet their finical obligations. Preventing a surge in bankruptcies and layoffs.

What should be done about DREAMers, the young adult immigrants brought to this country illegally as children?

American is a land of immigrants and opportunities. While legally immigrants, these young adults have known no other country. They never asked to come here and they are at no fault for coming here illegally. Despite that, they have worked their entire lives for our country serving their communities in many different ways. It’s past time we return the favor by providing them a real path to citizenship. We accomplish this goal by providing additional resources, staff, and judges to our immigration system. Then expediting our DREAMers through the citizenship process. While suspending any threats of deportations.

Do you support legalizing marijuana at the federal level?

Being the land of the free, adults already enjoy the freedom of several vices including drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. The science is in and marijuana is safer and provides more medical benefits than those other vices. We must legalize marijuana at the federal level and tax it just like we do with alcohol and cigarettes. Creating significant additional tax revenue that can be put towards our education system. This will take money out of the pockets of criminals and drug deals and invest it into our children and communities.

What events do you have planned for voters to get to know you better?

The health and safety of the voters is paramount to me. We are having Virtual Town Halls on a regular basis. Several issue-based ones are in the planning stage. I am always looking for virtual events in the district that I can attend, and welcome invitations to speak. I have attended a few live events, all outdoors. I continue to monitor the situation and make responsible decisions. Interacting with the voters is important to me and I will continue to look for safe and creative ways to do it during the crisis.

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