Floyd County police investigators have charged a pair of men with criminal attempt to commit aggravated child molestation as part of ongoing effort to curb internet sex schemes.

Matthew Christian Gray, 28, of 31 Shady Lane, Tallapoosa, was arrested at the mall in Rome on Friday night after he traveled to town to engage in sexual acts with what he thought was going to be a 16-year-old, according to jail reports.

Gray allegedly sent 13 pictures and a video of himself over the computer to the would-be victim and asked for photographs in return. He also allegedly described the type of sexual acts he wanted to engage in when they met up.

Gray was taken into custody at the mall around 4:15 Friday afternoon.

Early Saturday morning, officers also arrested Joshua Michael Pointer, 31, of 4334 Old Black’s Bluff Road, on the same criminal attempt to commit aggravated child molestation charge. Pointer allegedly contacted someone he believed to be under 16 years of age asking to engage in sexual acts, according to jail reports.

Pointer is alleged to have asked for nude photographs to be sent to him.

Both Gray and Pointer are also charged with felonies for electronic enticement of a child, obscene internet contact with a child and sexual exploitation of a child.

Gray is also charged with furnishing obscene material to a child.

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