Rome Police Department

Three people forced their way into an East Rome residence Tuesday evening and took money and a cellphone, according to a Rome police report.

According to the report:

The man who lived at the home heard someone knocking on his back door. When he went to see who it was there was a knock at the front door. When he went to the front door he recognized a woman and opened the door when she and two unknown men forced their way into the residence.

The man stated one of the men had a piece of rope and threatened to tie him up. They then took $200 that was sitting on a table and the man’s cellphone. One of the men grabbed a golf club that was in the house and threatened to beat the resident if he didn’t give them the pass code to the phone.

The three people looked around but the resident said he didn't’ see them take anything else.They went out the back door of the residence and got into a vehicle before leaving.

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