Rome police are looking into a possible burglary and damage to property incident at a home on Roseway Circle that took place sometime last week.

According to Rome Police Department reports:

After arriving home from a week long vacation on Saturday, a woman noticed that her son's bedroom light was on, even though she turned all the lights off before leaving. She called police.

The responding officer noted two of the doorframes leading into the house had been damaged when forced open. In the living room area, the couches, worth about $1,000, were cut up with a knife and had some sort of sauce poured over them.

Both the televisions in the living room and a child's bedroom were smashed. Together, the televisions are worth $550. The entire house was left in disarray with food purposely poured out or strewn around the house.

Her vehicle was also missing, but the woman said Car-Mart was supposed to tow it anyway. However, they found her key fob, but no key.

Police later found the vehicle unoccupied and locked by Banty Jones Park.

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