The exact details of a shooting in Cedartown that left a man dead and the shooter cooperating with police were still being investigated late Friday afternoon.

Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome said the person who shot and killed Kevin Quillian at 201 La Vista Ave. in Cedartown around 12:45 p.m. on Friday remained on the scene and was cooperative from the start.

A press release reported that Quillian, 40, was killed by a gunshot wound and pronounced dead at the scene. Police made it clear in the release there was no threat to public safety and the shooter had been identified and was cooperating with them in the investigation.

Newsome said no charges had been filed and he could not say whether or not the shooting was accidental. He added that they would release further information concerning the shooting early in the week.

Quillian, from Cedartown, had been involved in previous instances with police, including in March 2010, when he was allegedly shot in the upper part of his leg following an altercation with his father at a residence on the corner of Blanche Road and La Vista Avenue.

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