Someone vandalized the HeART Project display at the Third Avenue Parking Deck over the weekend by taking one of the 26 prints displayed in the windows.

Rome Area Council for the Arts Director Alli Booker said she first realized the piece was missing Sunday, after she stopped by the office and checked the parking deck.

When she saw the blank space, she went up to the parking deck and saw broken zip-ties in front of the window where the painting had been displayed. The director believes that whoever stole the print had cut the zip-ties holding it in place and then collected it after it dropped to the ground outside the parking deck.

Booker doesn’t believe that this has happened to a RACA display before and wasn’t sure if she should report it to the Rome police.

The original canvas, which was painted by a student from Saint Mary’s Catholic School, is safe and has actually already been sold.

Phillip Gaines from Hi-Tech Signs contacted Booker and has offered to reprint the painting’s picture for free.

Since RACA didn’t do their Broad Street window display this year, Booker is going to keep all the artwork up for another month.

The director is also going to look into seeing if there are any cameras in that area and if they caught the theft on video.

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