Federal Bureau of Investigation

Students at Georgia universities, and in other states, have been targeted by callers who identify themselves as government or FBI agents and demand money.

First off, according to an FBI press release, "the FBI does not call private citizens requesting money" and also reminded people in general they should never give out personal information to callers that they don’t know.

The release stated there have been incidents in Georgia and other states and that at times the callers are "spoofing" the caller and the phone will display the FBI's phone number on the phone's caller ID.

Callers told the students they had delinquent student loans, taxes or even overdue parking tickets. In at least once incident the callers threatened to arrest the student or to stop the student from graduating if the fees weren't immediately paid via MoneyGram.

In each of the calls the caller attempts to gain personal information from the student and claims to have specific student information.

People who get a call can file a complaint through the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.IC3.gov.


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