Joan  Spoon

Joan M. Spoon, 66, passed away peacefully October 15, 2020. It is believed she escaped this mortal realm to avoid having to make a decision in the impending presidential election. She left behind a hell of a lot of stuff to her son and daughter who have no idea what to do with it. So if you're looking for a few hundred salt-and-pepper sets, a collection of Tupperware from the 1960s, 15 crock-pots, a few picture frames, a toaster oven (slightly used) or maybe a few Bingo-daubers (she loved her Bingo!)...You should wait the appropriate amount of time and get in touch. Tomorrow would be fine. This is not an ad for a pawn shop, but an obituary for a great Woman, Sister, Mother, Grandmother and Friend who was born on August 30, 1954 in Rome, Georgia - the daughter of the late James T. and Megan (Takata) Barnett. She leaves behind a very dysfunctional family that she was very proud of. Joan was world-renowned for her bluntness and no-nonsense attitude, while not holding back her opinion and a knack for telling it like it was. Everyone always knew where you stood with her. She liked you or she didn't, it was black or white. As her children, we are still trying to figure out which one it was for us (we know she loved us). School sandwiches were always a chore - only to find after biting into it that she intentionally left the wrapper on the cheese and the casing on the bologna. Yep, she was funny like that...a sense of humor that made everyone smile. Her extensive vocabulary was more than highly proficient at knowing more curse words than most people learned in a lifetime. She loved four letter words as much as she loved George Strait. She always told you the truth even if it wasn't what you wanted to hear. And this served her well when she took up the call to honorably serve her country in the United States Air Force. For 23 years, she made countless friends, mentored airmen and became a truly unique leader - one who was genuine to a fault, a pussy cat at heart (or lion) and yet she sugar-coated nothing. Yes, Master Sergeant Joan Spoon was awesome like that! She will be sorely missed and is survived by her brothers and sisters: John Barnett, June Barnett, Joy Barnett, Jeff Barnett and his wife Elaine, and Janel Olson; her son Jeff Spoon and his wife Sandra, her daughter Candace Blair and her husband Scott; grandchildren, Jacob and James Spoon and Abigail and Evelyn Blair; and countless friends and extended family...all whom loved her dearly and will never forget her tenacity, wit, charm, southern grace (when pertinent) and undying love. Please join us in honoring her memory and legacy by sharing those that she made with you... In lieu of flowers, please send messages to Joan's Facebook which will be memorialized at a later time.

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