What started out as one pie in the face for Kristen Pope turned into 11 after First Baptist Church of Rome wrapped up their Vacation Bible School week’s mission offering.

Originally, Pope, who serves as the church’s Minister of Faith Development, had agreed to one pie in the face to encourage her elementary-age campers to wear their face masks.

However, after one of the kids asked her what would happen if they doubled their goal of raising $500 for their mission offering, Pope said she’d take 10 more pies to the face.

“That was poor decision making on my part,” she said while laughing.

At each VBS, Pope asks the kids to help raise money for a local nonprofit to show them how they can help make a difference, even as kids.

“I feel like, by doing this, we help them realize they are important now,” Pope said. “You don’t have to be an adult to make a difference.”

This year, they chose Restoration Rome for their mission after one of the church’s families, the Hancocks, adopted a little girl.

So, the kids brought in money from their parents, grandparents and piggy banks, and even earned some by helping out their neighbors. One of the kids watered his neighbor’s plants, while another raised around $100 from a lemonade stand.

All together, the kids raised more than $800 for Restoration Rome, well over their $500 goal.

However, Pope got a call from one of the church members saying if the kids met their goal, they would match the $500.

After that, the minister suited up in a plastic poncho, shower cap and goggles and proceeded to get hit in the face with 11 pies.

“Honestly, by the fourth or fifth, it didn’t matter that I had seven pies left to go,” she said. “But I think for the future, I’ll just do one pie.”

Pope said she thinks the pie throwing will become a new tradition for the church’s annual VBS week.

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