Georgia voter stickers

This weekend, VoteEqualityUS and “The Notorious RVG,” its branded Ruthless Vote Getter RV, will join the scheduled Women Lead the March to the Polls on Saturday at 2 p.m.

The march will begin with a rally at the Forum River Center on the Town before proceeding on a route towards the old county courthouse for early voting.

“We’re very excited to bring The Notorious RVG and our message of voting for equality to this weekend’s rally and march,” said VoteEqualityUS volunteer, Jennifer Chambers. “Getting people to the polls to vote early and have their voices heard is critical to ensuring equality for all in the U.S. Constitution.”

The VoteEqualityUS team is watching this year’s elections to determine whether or not American voters will install a gender equality leadership in the U.S. Senate.

The current Senate leadership has indicated they do not support recognition of the fully ratified 28th Amendment.

The nonpartisan, educational tour has been traveling through three states that have yet to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment: North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The team seeks to inform, inspire and motivate people to vote for equality candidates in this year’s election.

The Notorious RVG and VoteEqualityUS will finish its tour in Georgia with the march appearance this Saturday and head back to South Carolina for a Sunday votercade outside Columbia, South Carolina.

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