As a way to introduce new people to hunting, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will conduct an event for women and children on Saturday and Sunday at the Berry College Wildlife Management Area.

Chuck Waters, the DNR Region One game management supervisor in Armuchee, said men can come along, but cannot carry a firearm.

“We got to looking at the regulations and there has not been much in the way of adult-child opportunities after Christmas,” Waters said.

He said that adding ladies to a traditional adult-child hunt was done to boost the number of hunters.

Daphne Nutter, a physical therapist in Rome, has been hunting since she was a little girl. She said it’s something she and her husband, Johnny Nutter, enjoy doing together and she passed the love of the hunting experience to her children, daughter Shelby, 11, and son Tanner, who will be 10 on Sunday.

Shelby usually carries a book and reads in the woods, she said, but Tanner is totally into the hunt.

“He is all about it,” Daphne Nutter said. “He was 8 when he got his first deer a little over a year ago.”

Nutter said she knows several women who wish they had someone to teach their sons to hunt.

“I think there are lots of little boys who would have an interest if they had someone to grow it and spend some time with them,” she said. “More kids need it — anything outdoors.”

Jason West of Cave Spring has three daughters but only one, 12-year-old Mary Katherine West, ever showed an interest in hunting. He started taking her on hunts when she was 9 and she’s bagged a deer in each of the last three seasons.

West said the quality of the time spent in the woods with his daughter can’t be matched around the dinner table or watching TV.

“When I take her hunting it’s just her and I, sitting there together. We’ve got three hours — no telephone, no video games, no Facebook,” he said. “It’s hard to do that these days anywhere else.”

This weekend’s hunt is from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days.

Hunters must sign in at the check station on CCC Road off Old Summerville Road and pull a permit out of the box.

“We will tag the deer for them, so they bring them back by the check station,” Waters said.

There is a bag limit of two deer per hunter. Children hunting must be 17 or younger.

“They’ve got to be old enough and capable enough and under direct adult supervision, sight or hearing,” Waters said. “They do have to be 17 or younger.”

Women need a hunting license to participate, children do not.


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