Marching to chants of “no justice, no peace, no racist police,” approximately 30 mostly young demonstrators walked on Saturday from Trinity United Methodist Church to Rome First United Methodist Church in solidarity with the Black Lives movement.

The marchers drew applause from some of the people who were enjoying an early dinner in sidewalk cafes in front of several Broad Street restaurants.

Carson Glass who organized the rally, said he knew about racism but never had an idea as to how much of a problem it remains today.

Glass said his mother told him that she could never imagine being a black parent and having to tell a child that some people were not going to like the child simply because of the color of the his or her skin.

Keith Diamond joined the student-led march because he’s had enough of the injustice that has been witnessed recently.

“We’re making sure that this is going to stop right now,” Diamond said. “The younger generation is not having it.”

Mallory Rogers joined the march to show support the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We want to make sure people know the youth here still care,” Rogers said.

“We are not ashamed and we’re not embarrassed to say this is a problem,” said Emily Duarte, who is of Latino heritage. “It’s a big problem and we need to fix it.”

Duarte said she wished some more people had turned out for the march and said that many in the Latino community are supportive of the Black community in the current movement.

“Both communities have been oppressed for a long time,” Duarte said.

Rome First United Methodist Pastor Robert Brown said the youth and people of Rome want to be an example of how communities can come together and live together in peace and harmony.

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