When brainstorming what she wanted to do for her Eagle Scout project, Coosa High graduate Kendall Buford looked towards her mom’s workplace: Redmond Regional Medical Center.

The hospital has a special care closet, created by nurse Jenny Mathis, where patients checking out of the hospital can pick up some clean clothes and toiletries.

“I started the closet about two years ago,” Mathis said. “Working night shift you have a little more time with patients so you learn more about them... and what it amounted to is they didn’t have a lot of money and while we couldn’t fix it all, we could make it a little easier for them.”

For the people leaving Redmond with ruined clothes, they could pick out a few things from the care closet, such as shirts, pants and shoes.

“I kind of commandeered that closet, moved some stuff to the side and then filled it with racks of clothes,” Mathis said.

When Kendall heard about the closet, she wanted to put help by creating more space and organizing it.

“My mom (Shelley Buford) works at radiology here and she mentioned the closet when I was trying to figure out what to do for my Eagle Scout project,” she said. “I wanted to do something with donations and she also mentioned that they needed shelves so I could build something too.”

Over the course of three weeks, Kendall built shelves for the small closet, as well as found more clothes through Angel Express.

She also put together toiletry bags with soaps, toothbrushes, shampoos and other hygienic products.

Kendall actually got into Boy Scouts with her friend Carolyn Smyth, who was the first female Eagle Scout in the Northwest Georgia region.

“It’s shown me a lot of things and humbled me in a lot of ways through community service,” she said. “It also made me more sociable and I got to meet more people.”

Kendall recognized Angel Express for helping put together the donations, as well as Ricky Carter for helping her build the shelves.

In the fall, Kendall plans to attend Georgia Highlands College for two years then move onto a bigger university, where she plans to study early childhood education and eventually become an elementary school teacher.

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