CRBI conducted bacterial water monitoring at three sites that included Neel's Landing off of U.S. 411, Grizzard Park, Heritage Park and Ga. 156 near Calhoun on June 23. The results of those monitoring efforts showed that 26.6 cfu/100mL were present at Neel's Landing (Hwy. 411), 28.2 cfu/100mL of E.coli were present at Grizzard Park, 66.9 cfu/100mL of E.coli were present at Heritage Park. This means that the amount of E.coli found at each site is considered safe for recreational use by the state of Georgia.

If you are interested in learning more, or if you would like to nominate a site for future testing, please contact Ashley Ray, outreach coordinator, at 706-232-2724 or

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