As more and more area churches announce they are canceling Sunday services because of the coronavirus, one inspirational voice can still be heard on a local radio station from the safety of your home or vehicle.

Dr. Hugh Peacock, a retired associate pastor of First Baptist Church, will be giving a special sermon Sunday morning on WLAQ 1410 AM and 96.9 FM at 9 a.m. — instead of his weekly “Scrap Iron Bible Class.”

“I was thinking people maybe need more of an inspirational sermon instead of a Bible study,” the 87-year-old doctor of ministry said. “With this virus, we know we can’t fix it, but we can do what we can to help others. So that’s what I’m focusing on.”

Peacock said the sermon will be based on Mark, Chapter 14, where a woman anointed the head — not the feet — of Jesus to prepare him for burial. She knew she could not stop his death, but she did what she could, he said.

“Many of us don’t know what to do about this virus, but instead of just throwing up your hands and doing nothing, you can see if there’s any way to help your neighbor,” he said. “I know people are calling other people to make sure they’re OK or offering to go grocery shopping for them or things like that.”

Peacock said the Scrap Iron Bible Class he normally conducts has been around since 1930, launched by others before him.

“It’s been on WLAQ for a long time,” Peacock said. “I’ve been told it’s the longest active radio program in the state of Georgia. “

He said he hopes the 30-minute sermon brings people comfort during this uncertain time.

It can be heard either on the radio or through the WLAQ website wlaq1410.com and clicking “Listen Live” from 9 to 9:30 a.m.

“The faith I have says we’re going to get through this and somehow will have learned some great lessons and be better off for it,” he said. “Maybe it will help us trust God more.”

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