The Joint Development Oversight Committee made the recommendation to use Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative as a consultant to finish updating the Unified Land Development Code.

The ULDC is a document that contains all of the zoning regulations and requirements for land use throughout the city and county.

The document should be updated every 10 years, but Rome and Floyd County’s version hasn’t seen an update in over 20.

“We’ve got a ton of improvements we need to do,” Floyd County Manager Jamie McCord said.

Planning department staff met with representatives from two companies on Monday.

After they presented their findings to the committee during a special called meeting, city and county officials agreed that TPUDC would be the better offer based on everything included in their proposal.

The planning firm offered a $200,000 all-inclusive package for 14 months of work, which also included looking over the county’s geographical information system, which displays different data maps of the county.

They would also set up a website for residents to view the ULDC and GIS in a more user-friendly setting.

“Any person in our community can go on there and make a comment and it’s there for them,” City Commissioner Mark Cochran said. “It shows what you can and can’t do for different land uses.”

While the proposal from the other firm, Zoneco, was $40,000 less, they didn’t offer the website or GIS consulting and said it would be additional charges.

The department had originally budgeted about $100,000 for the consultant, but it was just an educated guess at the time.

McCord said they’ll have to do a budget adjustment for the hiring if the county commission approves it at one of their upcoming meetings.

Since the planning department is a joint department, it will take a vote from both the city and county commissions to hire TPUDC.


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